The Journey of Yodawy: Pioneering Digital Healthcare for All

The Journey of Yodawy Pioneering Digital Healthcare for All

Founded with a simple yet profound mission to heal, Yodawy started its journey as a humble side business by Mr. Khashaba, alongside Sherief El-Feky and Yasser AbdelGawad. Their vision is to revolutionize the way people access medication. 


Founding and Early Days:


Yodawy, meaning “to heal” in Arabic, was born out of a passion for making healthcare more accessible. It took flight as a side venture, but soon, its potential became evident. Yodawy, founded in 2018 by Karim Khashaba, Yasser Abdel Gawad, and Sherief El-Feky, has made a mark in the industry with its innovative healthcare platform. The company offers a comprehensive marketplace where patients can seamlessly process prescriptions and order online medicines. Additionally, Yodawy is crucial in connecting patients with medical labs and insurance companies, streamlining the healthcare experience.


Growth and Accomplishments:


From its modest beginnings, Yodawy has grown exponentially, serving a staggering 200,000 patients per month. Its network of 2,000 pharmacies across Egypt has become a cornerstone of its success. Yodawy’s innovative approach to medical insurance automation has streamlined processes, saving patients countless hours of queuing for essential medication. Notably, the company caters to over 50,000 recurring chronic patients monthly, alleviating a significant pain point in their healthcare journey.


Partnerships and Funding:


Strategic partnerships and substantial funding have punctuated Yodawy’s journey. In February 2023, the company raised $16 million in Series B funding, which positioned it for further expansion into the Middle East and Africa. In 2024, the company received a game-changing $10 million investment from Ezdehar, bolstering its ability to reduce healthcare costs and increase patient access to services. 


With partnerships spanning 35 health insurance and healthcare service providers, Yodawy has solidified its position as a leader in digital healthcare. Collaborations with over 800 companies, 20 hospitals, and 30 clinics further underscore its commitment to holistic healthcare solutions.


In conclusion, Yodawy’s journey is a testament to the power of vision and perseverance. From its humble beginnings to its current standing as a trailblazer in digital healthcare, Yodawy exemplifies the transformative impact of technology on human well-being. As it continues to innovate and expand its reach, Yodawy remains committed to its founding mission: to make access to medication more accessible and more affordable for everyone.


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