Empowering Communities with Clean Energy and Sustainable Mobility: The Journey of Powerhive

Empowering Communities with Clean Energy and Sustainable Mobility The Journey of Powerhive

Powerhive is a technology venture founded in 2011 developing innovative energy solutions for emerging markets, enabling energy access and productive use for thousands of off-grid households and businesses.  Now, leveraging over a decade of leadership in the mini-grid industry, Powerhive has pioneered and proven electric mobility solutions for all of Africa.  Powerhive is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.


Product Offerings:


Powerhive’s proprietary technology platform enables the financing, monetization, and management of off-grid utility solutions. Their cloud-based software and smart metering automate account management tasks, monitor microgrid operations, and enable customers to prepay for electricity through mobile money networks. In addition to lighting and mobile phone charging, Powerhive’s solutions power small appliances and income-generating equipment. Powerhive primarily sells to the energy providers, governments, and communities in remote areas.


Growth and Milestones:


Since its inception, Powerhive has powered millions of households with clean energy and become the first privately licensed utility in Kenya. In 2019, Powerhive pioneered electric motorcycles in Kenya. Now, they’re advancing the third generation of the Spark Electric Motorcycle for a cleaner, greener future.


Powerhive has teamed up with Mobius Motors, a leading vehicle manufacturer in Kenya. Together, they’re revolutionising sustainable transportation. Mobius Motors, known for its locally assembled SUVs, is now venturing into electric two-wheelers and hybrids tailored for Africa.


Their collaboration includes a dedicated warehouse within Mobius Motors’ facility, solely for assembling Powerhive’s Spark Electric Motorcycles. With the capacity to produce up to 150 bikes per shift, this partnership is set to make eco-friendly transportation more accessible than ever before.




Powerhive’s growth and innovation have been supported by significant funding rounds. In 2019, the company raised $9.3 million in a Series B round led by Toyota Tsusho Corporation, reportedly bringing their total funding to $41.3 million across two rounds. 


By combining expertise in mini grids, associated hardware, and software expertise, Powerhive will help lead the transition to electric mobility in Kenya. 

Visit https://powerhive.com/ for more information.

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